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CEREC – Same Day Crowns

Have you been putting off making an appointment for a new or replacement crown because you didn't think you had the time? Think again. What used to take hours and up to four or more visits prepping, seating, and adjusting a crown, can now be done in about an hour thanks to advances in digital dentistry. That's right, just one hour give or take - start to finish - for most permanent crown restorations.

CEREC Same Day Crowns

The technology behind the efficiency is CEREC. That's short for Ceramic Reconstruction, a patented, high-precision procedure that Dr. Caven has adopted as an alternative to the traditional approach involving physical impressions, messy trays, gag-inducing materials, build-ups, temporaries, and the like. The CEREC system is a combination of high-definition CAD-CAM imaging with in-house milling, all done right in Dr. Caven's office.

The degree of accuracy afforded by the optically precise digital impression camera is unprecedented. No more worrying if your crown will fit properly or if the shade will match after weeks of waiting for it to come back from the lab. Dr. Caven oversees the entire process during your one and only office visit!

Because it's less invasive, the process is more comfortable than it used to be. CEREC Same Day Crowns require fewer injections, less drilling, and eliminate the need for potentially bothersome temporaries. It can also conserve more of your tooth structure, which in turn helps to reduce the potential of ever needing a root canal.

A Safe & Effective Alternative to Mercury

CEREC Same Day Crowns can also be used to replace potentially harmful mercury fillings. Toxicity concerns aside, mercury fillings have also been known to weaken teeth. Mercury expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Such fluctuations can make teeth more prone to crack, compromising the root and gum, too. CEREC crowns are made of 100% durable composite ceramic material to eliminate further damage or decay.

Results That Speak for Themselves

An Eric Mower & Associates Survey revealed that 83% of CEREC Same Day Crown patients were more satisfied with their most recent crown procedure compared to 61% of all other patients, citing both time and comfort as the key differentiators.

How Does it All Work?

After Dr. Caven has determined that your dental condition calls for a CEREC Same Day Crown, he'll first anesthetize you, remove any existing decay and/or restoration, and image the target tooth. He will then make a 3D model from the high-precision imagery and will in turn design the crown, which is milled, chair-side, into the actual restoration. Next, he will check to ensure a proper fit before polishing and bonding the CEREC Same Day Crown permanently to your tooth.

Let Dr. Caven Help You Determine if CEREC is Right for You!

First introduced in 1987, CEREC Same Day Crowns have evolved into the new standard of restorative dentistry. Let us schedule a consultation for you with Dr. Caven so he can tell you more about the beneficial results you can achieve through these combined advances in digital dentistry with CEREC Same Day Crowns and CAD-CAM high-definition imaging.

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