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Learn more about your dental visit.

Your First Dental Visit

Your first visit with Dr. Caven and his team will establish a vital foundation for our relationship. During this initial appointment, we commit a generous amount of time to try to understand your special circumstances. We will review the five critical elements of your mouth (a specialized oral cancer assessment, a discussion about your specific esthetic goals, tooth by tooth analysis, gum and bone condition, an easy but thorough TMJ evaluation and a Sleep Apnea Assessment). Through this process we will help you establish short- and long-term plans for your dental health that will be agreeable to you.

Please read through this site to find all the practical information you need, such as a map and directions to our office, practice hours, payment arrangements, patient forms, and more. There's also background information about our committed team and the technology we use to increase your comfort and long term dental success. And of course you can see our work in the Before and After section. Schedule an appointment today.




Billing and Financing

Payment Options

Dental treatment is an excellent investment in your physical and psychological well-being and our goal is to help you achieve ideal dental health. We have many different payment options to make getting there comfortable. We accept cash, check, Debit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express cards. We also offer:

Payment in Full Courtesy
If your treatment exceeds $1,000, will take more than one appointment, and you pay for the entire treatment up front with cash or check, we will extend a 5% bookkeeping courtesy to you.

3rd Party Financing
We work closely with Care Credit financing companies online to offer interest-free financing as well as extended financing. We can do this paperwork for you in a matter of minutes. This allows you to avoid an initial payment and to establish an affordable monthly payment. You can get the dentistry you need without an immediate expense.

You will have a consultation with our Patient Facilitator to review all your options and find a payment method that works best for you.

Insurance and Billing

We work with every major PPO dental insurance. We will help you understand your benefits, let you know your obligation, file your insurance claim for you and keep track of the progress. The anticipated uninsured portion will be due at time of service.

*Dental insurance can be confusing and is not like medical insurance. In fact, it isn't insurance at all. It is more of a benefit plan. Because we work with them all of the time, we can help you understand your specific plan.




Post Operative Instructions

Thank you for receiving dental care with Caven Dental Group. We pride ourselves on great communication and hope that if you have any questions, these instructions may help. But, as always, feel free to call us at (904) 645-3366.

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Dental Anxiety

by Dr. Richard Caven appearing in The Jacksonville Magazine, 1999


"I gave your receptionist my car keys so I couldn't leave," he said. My new patient was white as a sheet. His voice was shaking as he described his dreadful toothache that finally brought him to my dental chair. I soon realized that the tremor in his voice and pallor of his complexion was not caused by pain, but by his deep fear of dental treatment. As I glanced at his chart, I was astonished to see what he did for living. Sitting in my chair was a policeman who not only worked as an undercover drug agent, but was a member of the bomb squad, as well. This man could fool a drug dealer or calmly face a live, ticking bomb, but was afraid of me.

It is a fact that nearly one half of all Americans rarely, if ever, go to a dentist. Anxiety about dental procedures seems to be the primary reason for avoiding dental chair. Unfortunately, people who avoid the dentist often end up in up in a dental office as an emergency patient with the same amount of pain this man was experiencing. The treatment then becomes more complicated and expensive because the problems have become extreme.

My new patient described a terrible childhood experience in his dentist's office when a cavity was filled without enough Novocain. This event kept him away from dentists for thirty years. To help relieve his fear of dentists, I gave him the following five tips to help overcome dental anxiety. Maybe they will help you, too.

  1. First, appreciate the central role your mouth plays in every day life. So many of life's pleasures involve the mouth, from eating and drinking, to laughing, talking and kissing. When we have discomfort in our mouths, every aspect of our lives is affected. And then, of course, there is appearance. A person's smile is one of the first things people notice. Embarrassment from unsightly teeth can significantly lower self-confidence.

  2. Know how much the dental profession has changed. New inventions have completely revolutionized modern dentistry. Amazing new materials and technologies allow today's dentists to make your teeth look great, last longer, and function better than anyone could have imagined even a decade ago. And, dentists can work miracles on teeth quickly and quietly while the patient is completely comfortable. Some of the high-tech goodies available include: computer controlled Novocain, laser treatments, "air abrasion" to fill cavities without needles or drilling, the intra-oral camera so you can see for yourself how your teeth look, and ceiling TVs to distract you with videos while the dentist works.

  3. Find a dentist who will give you the time and attention needed to calm your fears. The staff should add to the supportive atmosphere of the office by knowing your name when you arrive and being happy to see you.

  4. Relay your fears to your dentist because verbalizing these concerns is the first step in overcoming them. It also enables the dental team to provide the specific attention you need.

  5. Have your dentist clearly explain the procedure they plan to use to solve your dental problem. By understanding what is going to happen, your fears will be diminished. Your dentist will also help you avoid future problems by showing you how easy it is to take good care of the teeth you have.

I am happy to relay that my new patient, the police officer, is now an old patient and an office favorite. His dental problem was cleared up, and his fear of dentists is finally gone. He comes in regularly to have his teeth cleaned and checked. I fully expect him to celebrate his 90th birthday by flashing a winning smile as he orders steak and corn on the cob for dinner.





Dr. Caven’s great great grandfather practiced dentistry in the 1860s. Ever since then, his family has provided leading edge and personalized dental care.

Dr. Caven’s great great grandfather practiced dentistry in the 1860s. Ever since then, his family has provided leading edge and personalized dental care.

What Makes us Different

We offer you a unique and comprehensive dental experience unlike you've ever had before. Our mission is to preserve the personal doctor / patient relationship that is becoming more and more difficult to find. It starts with your first call to our office. We have a team of trained professionals that will listen to your wants and desires in an unrushed manner. We will answer any questions you may have and find an appointment time that works into your schedule.

Then when you visit us, you will see that we allow a generous amount of time to learn about your special needs and circumstances. Then you Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Caven will begin your evaluation, as outlined below.

Communication is a cornerstone to our practice and we make sure you have a clear understanding of your mouth, it's related parts and what it all means. We work hard to help you understand your insurance benefits and work with you on any needed financing. You will never feel pressured to do treatment at any time and you will have intimate control of what is done.

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