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CEREC Machine

Same day crowns

Quick and Easy Dental Crowns in Jacksonville

Have you ever gotten a crown? Did you have the impression and the temporary crown? Didn’t you just love that? Well never again!

Welcome to Cerec. This amazing piece of technology is the industry leader in creating beautiful, ceramic crowns in one appointment. No more impressions. No more waiting.

And with Cerec, we can actually be even more versatile in our treatment options. So now we can be more conservative to your tooth structure, less expensive and even more esthetic.

Using incredible CAD-CAM technology, Caven Dental Group has the ability to help you faster than ever before.

cad cam

High Quality Crowns in Jacksonville

CEREC is the most advanced and precise way to restore the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Caven uses a High Definition Camera to capture the dimensions of your tooth instead of the traditional impression material. This allows him to visualize the shape and size of the tooth quickly and accurately. CEREC technology then creates a CAD model of the tooth, from which the tooth restoration is made.

Fastest Way to Get a Jacksonville Dental Crown

With traditional crowns, several weeks to a month is usually waiting for the actual crown to be fabricated in a dental lab. Fabricating a crown has historically taken anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Using the CEREC process, the tooth is milled right in the office. Instead of having to wait for a crown and come back for another appointment to have it placed, now you can have the crown placed in your mouth within about one hour.

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