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Caven Dental Group has invested a lot of energy and resources in technology. Each thing is designed to help us give you a smoother, more accurate, safer, and better product while helping you see why there are recommendations and what the treatment looks like. These amazing advancements look kind of cool, but they are essential ingredients to your care.


We use:

  • The most leading edge sterilization technology to assure each instrument is perfect. Not all sterilization systems are the same and we have invested in “behind the scenes” technology that makes this process historically great.
  • Advance Oral Cancer Screening Technology. These amazing multi-wave length lights allow us to see things we could see with our eye. Did you know 27% of oral cancer occurs in people with no known risk factors? Let’s get a great screening for you.
  • Cameras that are the size of a toothbrush so that we can show you exactly what your teeth look like.
  • Digital radiographs that reduce your radiation exposure 80+ percent (did you know that we don’t even have to use those lead aprons anymore – but we do anyway for added peace of mind).
  • Dental lasers to improve your post op healing and comfort
  • Digital ceramic restorations made in one appointment
  • ZOOM Whitening
  • and more are coming all the time

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