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Teeth Xpress


Have your teeth gotten pretty bad? Have you let things go a little too far? If so, it’s okay. We can help you. 

At Caven Dental Group, we have extensive knowledge and skills to help even the most complex cases. We understand how sometimes things just get out of hand and that you may be embarrased to admit how long it has been since your last dental appointment and that you don’t floss and have given up on brushing, too. It’s okay. We will never judge and never scold. It feels weird to even write that, but we have heard really tough stories of what people have had to endure in the dental chair. We feel confident your experience will be different here.

Out Vision is to be the office that creates clarity and confidence. Our tag line is Advanced. Thoughtful. Trusted. And we mean that. We can help you find a path to dental happiness. 

Fear is real. Fear of the unknown, fear of the cost, fear of what we might say and how we might act. Fear of the needle, the possibility of pain, the time away from work and of what things might look like. We’ve heard it all. We’ve helped it all. And we will help you work through them.

I am reminded of a patient I saw with a simple broken tooth. He was so nervous he could hardly articulate what he was feeling. We started talking about it and he finally relayed that when he was 9 years old he had to go to the dentist. The dentist was mean and held him down in the chair while working. It hurt. Hurt his tooth and hurt his mind. He told me that after that appointment, he ran home (in those days, he said, they had to go everywhere on foot) and hurried to his room and lay on his bed in the fetal position and cried. As he was telling me this, tears welled in his eyes. He could still feel the pain and the emotional sadness. And he was 73 years old. 64 years later, he still cried like a child thinking about it. 

But it doesn’t need to be like that. This is his smile now. A total transformation and he gleams when he comes into the office. He is a changed man with a great, healthy smile.



Teeth Xpress Dentures 

Have things gotten way out of control? Do you need serious help? Pain and broken teeth can be very unhealthy and infected gums are even more dangerous. 

If you are in real dental trouble, we can help. Don’t worry, we can create a path for you that leads to dental health, great function and a really fantastic smile. And it can be your reality.

There is a process called Teeth Xpress and we at Caven Dental Group have an incredible team to walk you through the process. When you hear about having all new teeth in one day, this is what they are talking about. We we are experts at it.

I think about a patient I have who had just become totally exasperated with his teeth. Missing teeth, pain, loss of function and embarrassment had become the norm. But after careful consideration of all his options, now he’s a smiling man, happy that he can eat steak again for the first time in decades. Life is good with his new teeth and he is happy on a daily basis with the results.


This really is a great way to find your best smile and feel great about your teeth again. Call us at (904) 645-3366 for a free consultation if you think you are ready to make the leap. We will take amazing care of you!

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