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TMJ Therapy


Does your TMJ hurt?

Is your TMJ a pain in the neck? Maybe even literally, “a pain in your neck!”

The TMJ is your jaw joint that moves your mouth all around. And it’s crazy complicated. For most people, things are normal and there isn’t ever any discomfort. But if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have pain. And TMJ pain can be really bad.

Dr. Caven and Dr. Carpenter are very skilled at helping you with your TMJ pain. We will want to know your story. We will want to hear your history of facial trauma, car wrecks, contact sports, sleep apnea, and about that time your younger brother threw a shoe at you and broke your front tooth. And of course we what to know about your tooth grinding, teeth clenching (are you doing it right now?), poor posture at the computer (you’re almost certainly doing that right now!), and about your gum chewing habit that drives your co-workers crazy. All these things can affect your jaw joint.

People with a problem in the TMJ often have headaches, jaw joint pain, teeth that are sensitive to cold, low grade throbbing in some teeth, cracked teeth, split teeth, teeth that still hurt after root canals, loose teeth, big jaw muscles and other signs and symptoms. We can help you.

Have you had a night guard in the past and “chewed it up?” That signifies something to us and we’ll want to know about it and hopefully even see the old night guard. And there are some of you that have a bag of old night guards. We can help you.

We can treat simple TMJ issues and can help people with true complicated pathology and damage in the joint. You’re not alone in your pain. We can help you.

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