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It's fun to have a radiant smile

Professional Teeth Whitening In Jacksonville

Your smile is important. It's one of the first things people notice about each other and one of the lingering memories afterwards. A beautiful white smile can make you feel better about yourself and leaves a better impression on others. No one likes having a dark, stained smile, but many people feel these stains are inevitable. Drinking dark beverages like coffee, tea, green tea, colas and red wines can badly stain your teeth as can smoking and other tobacco products. Simple, painless tooth whitening in Jacksonville can bring back the natural beauty of your teeth.

SPECIAL NOTE: Patients often ask if dental whitening damages the enamel. The answer is no, it certainly does not. Professional whitening does NOT damage your enamel. But there are potential risks to whitening, which is why it should always be provided by a professional.

Proudly Offering Zoom Whitening in Jacksonville

Caven Dental Group offers two types of dental whitening. Patients can get custom made whitening trays to use along with professional strength whitening gel. You can do daily home whitening for a couple weeks. Or you can take advantage of more instant results with the amazing ZOOM Whitening Program, offered in office. Within a couple hours, you can have the bright smile you have always wanted thanks to laser tooth whitening in Jacksonville. With this, you will also be given the custom take home trays for any future touch up whitening you may want to do.


Jacksonville Tooth Whitening for Life!

Whitening for Life means that any time you come in to get your teeth cleaned in our office, you can have an additional touch up whitening tube for no cost. That way, once you choose whitening, we will help you maintain your sparkling smile indefinitely. Ask us about the details and how you can achieve your best smile. For more information about the process of Zoom whitening, please visit or contact our office.

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