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Serving the Jacksonville area and Northeast Florida, Caven Dental Group is focused on you as an individual. No judging, no lectures. Just open, comfortable communication.

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5 Stars

I lost a filling leaving a very sharp edge on my tooth irritating my cheek. I call Dr. Caven's office the first thing in the morning and asked for an appointment. They told me to come in at 11. I arrived on time and they saw me almost immediately. Dr. Caven performed a temporary fix to alleviate the immediate problem since our long term plan called for putting a crown on the tooth. I was out of the office within an hour. The staff was extremely professional and efficient. Dr. Caven was understanding and did the minimum necessary to fix the situation with the understanding that a more permanent fix was already in the plan.

Randall S.
January 21, 2019

Dr. Caven and his staff are very professional and compassionate. During my initial visit I had x-rays and a very thorough exam of my teeth and gums and Dr. Caven explained what needed to be done. During my followup visit, in which I had a crown replaced and some other minor work he took pictures to show me exactly what he was doing and explained everything completely. I felt no pain during any of this and I was more relaxed than I have ever been in a dentist chair. They do everything in the office so I received my permanent crown that day instead of having to make another trip back. I feel that they are very skilled, gentle and caring and I highly recommend them.

Kath A.
January 14, 2019

Very pleased with the detail information I was given for my first visit. Very professional. The staff was very upbeat.

William F.
January 09, 2019

For the last 10 years I have received excellent treatment and I really appreciate it that Dr Caven always manages to fit me into his busy schedule , since I have limited time available during our travels and - and seem to be the patient with the most mileage between his office and my home - I live in Guernsey/Channel Islands/Great Britain - but visit the US twice a year and arrange in advance - my appointments with Dr Caven's office - but - unfortunately - sometimes - there is treatment necessary for an unexpected emergency - which has always been dealt with very skillfully - and with compassion. Thank you for always being there for me!

Gudrun R.
December 16, 2018

After moving to Jacksonville from NYC in January of 2008 my wife & I were in need of a local dentist. We are so glad that one of my doctors at the Mayo Clinic recommended his personal dentist, Dr. Richard Caven. Since then Dr.Caven & his staff have taken such good care of us. Our respective experiences just this week confirmed to us just how fortunate we were to have "discovered" Dr. Caven when we were new to the area ten years ago!

Larry R.
December 07, 2018



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