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If you’ve recently received a dental diagnosis, are interested in cosmetic dentistry, or simply want to switch dentist offices, making the right choice in a new dentist is important for your confidence and safety. You want a dentist you can trust, but also one that truly understands your oral health needs and smile goals. Our fifth generation Florida dentist, Dr. Richard Caven, and entire team are here to demonstrate how seeking an advanced, trusted dentist can make all the difference in your smile and health! We invite you to schedule your FREE dental consultation in Jacksonville, FL to discuss dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and more.

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“I visited three dentists, but I liked Dr. Caven’s bedside manner, conscientiousness, and welcoming approach the best. He gave me multiple treatment options based on my goals and talked about the details of treatment to a degree that made me the most comfortable.”
– Nate

Dr. Caven Designed a Custom Smile Makeover Plan Specific to my Needs.

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At Caven Dental Group, we believe that a trusting, positive relationship between a dentist and patient is the cornerstone of great dental care! Be assured that no matter what service you need a second opinion for, we will always take our time with you, explain all your options, and discuss associated benefits and fees . You will feel completely heard! It’s important to us that you are at ease and confident pursuing your dental treatments, especially with our team. You will never feel pressured to do treatment at any time and you will have intimate control of what services are completed.

By the end of your consultation with us, you’ll have the resources to make an informed decision before any treatment is initiated. And you’ll have multiple comprehensive treatment plans based on your unique smile goals. With our incredible level of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we constantly demonstrate our commitment to you through our high-tech and skilled approach! We really are advanced, trusted, and thoughtful—and it shows in the thousands of happy, healthy smiles from our patients!

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