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If you have ever received a dental crown in the past, you know how cumbersome and uncomfortable the process can be. No one likes waiting weeks or even months to fix a single tooth, especially if the damage is mostly cosmetic. Welcome to CEREC! This amazing piece of technology is the industry leader in creating beautiful, ceramic crowns in just one appointment. In one seamless visit to Caven Dental Group, we can restore chipped, cracked, or broken teeth and can make your smile whole and fully functional again! Choose the more efficient, convenient solution today with our custom, same-day CEREC crowns in Jacksonville, FL.

Why Get a CEREC Dental Crown?

Crowns are ceramic coverings of your tooth designed to return a damaged tooth to its original strength and appearance. When decay has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, crowns are often used to restore the tooth. For all the following problems, and more, we can provide a CEREC crown in a single visit to Caven Dental Group!

The Amazing CEREC Treatment Process

Our in-office CEREC technology allows our award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Richard Caven, to offer more versatile treatment options that are more conservative to your tooth structure, more aesthetic, and less expensive. To date, CEREC is the most advanced and precise way to restore the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Caven uses a digital scanner to capture the dimensions of your tooth instead of the traditional impression material. This allows him to visualize the shape and size of the tooth quickly and accurately.

CEREC technology then creates a CAD model of the tooth, from which the tooth restoration is made. With traditional crowns, several weeks to a month is usually waiting for the actual crown to be fabricated in a dental lab. Fabricating a crown has historically taken anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Using the CEREC process, your new dental crown is milled right in the office. Instead of having to wait for a crown and come back for another appointment to have it placed, now you can have the crown placed in your mouth immediately. Your entire treatment process for CEREC crowns in Jacksonville, FL takes about one hour!

For When You Have a Missing Tooth

Dental bridges are natural-looking dental restorations that can replace a section of missing teeth. Because they are custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable and can restore the natural contour of teeth as well as the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth. Bridges are sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures because they are semi-permanent and are bonded to existing teeth or implants. Porcelain, gold alloys or combinations of materials are usually used to make bridges. To ensure a comfortable and seamless fit, we first take digital impressions of the area. These will be used by experienced technicians at our partner dental lab who will hand-craft your restoration. Your dental bridge will be made from high-quality materials and color-matched to look natural alongside your existing teeth. The benefits of dental bridges include:

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How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in Jacksonville, FL?

We know when choosing a restorative dentist, one of your first questions is “Do you take my insurance?” The next is, “How much will this cost?” We offer competitive pricing for bridges and CEREC crowns in Jacksonville, FL, and conveniently partner with multiple leading insurance providers. The unique cost of your dental crown or bridge will depend on a few factors including the number of teeth treated and the material you choose. We’ll break this down during a personalized consultation and can even discuss dental financing options for comfortable monthly payments. Don’t compromise your health for the sake of your budget. Receive custom crowns and bridges from our experienced cosmetic dentistry team and restore your oral health, attractive look, and dental function!

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