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Conquer Dark, Stained Teeth

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and a defining feature of every individual. A beautiful white smile can help you feel confident in yourself and leaves a positive impression on others. If you feel embarrassed about dark, stained teeth, know that this is most likely not permanent and can be effectively reversed with professional teeth whitening in Jacksonville, FL. Our cosmetic dentistry team at Caven Dental Group offers affordable, office-based teeth whitening with professional-grade bleaching agents that can brighten your teeth multiple shades lighter in just one visit to our office! With our Whitening for Life, you can conquer your dark, stained teeth once and for all—and enjoy a beautiful, bright smile for years to come! Reserve your teeth whitening consultation today and receive a digital smile preview!

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The Professional Teeth Whitening Advantage

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures our patients choose, and for good reason. This solution has numerous benefits that other methods can’t offer. Over-the-counter whitening strips may work for some time, but often cause tooth and gum sensitivity and wear down the tooth enamel if used too often. Home remedies, such as baking soda, activated charcoal, and whitening toothpaste may show minimal changes in tooth color but are often abrasive and can result in enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity as well. In almost all cases with these methods, results may take weeks or even months to show, and even then, they may be minimal. Patients often ask if dental whitening damages the enamel. The answer is no! Professional whitening does NOT damage your enamel. But there are potential risks to whitening, which is why it should always be provided by a professional. 

At Caven Dental Group, you can enjoy:

Our Professional Whitening Solutions

Our cosmetic dentist at Caven Dental Group offers two types of dental whitening. Patients can choose custom-made whitening trays to use along with professional-strength whitening gel used conveniently at home. This solution predictably whitens teeth over several weeks. Or you can take advantage of more instant results with the amazing ZOOM! Whitening Program offered in-office. Within 1-2 hours, you can have the bright smile you have always wanted! With this option, you will also be given the custom take-home trays for any future touch-up whitening you may desire. You can even complement this treatment with personalized BOTOX® or dermal fillers to complement your attractive, radiant smile! Additionally, we offer Whitening for Life, so any time you come in to get your teeth cleaned in our office, you can have an additional touch-up whitening tube for no cost. That way, once you choose to whiten, we will help you maintain your sparkling smile indefinitely!

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