An Introduction to Hybridge Dental Implants

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Dental implants have come a long way in recent years. Hybridge dental implants are proof of this. The procedure consists of administering implants either on a one-off, multi-tooth or full mouth restoration basis to help patients reacquire that smile that they yearn for, without negatively impacting the bone, gums or any of the other remaining natural teeth. This post will take a closer look at Hybridge implants to help you decide if they’re a good option for your situation.


Hybridge Implants Explained

As we noted, Hybridge implants are artificial, durable teeth that look like the real thing. The Hybridge solution consists of placing these teeth on titanium implants, which helps to eliminate some of the potential problems caused by alternative treatments such as crowns, bridges and dentures. What’s more is that the Hybridge solution is also very versatile, as it is able to be utilized for single-tooth issues, full-arches for complete mouth restoration or for multiple teeth that are affected. Compared to other methods, the Hybridge solution is also known for producing high-quality results in a faster, more affordable and more effective way. Unlike other procedures, it’s not designed to be a temporary fix, but a long-lasting more permanent one.

The entire procedure can take as few as three weeks or, for more extensive restorations, as long as 12 weeks to complete. It’s recommended that patients who’ve undergone the procedure see the dentist about once every four months for a regular teeth cleaning as part of regular maintenance.

Different from the Rest

The Hybridge solution involves the administration of real-looking teeth. Unlike dentures, these teeth are permanent and don’t need to be removed and cleaned every night. And unlike bridges and crowns, these artificial teeth look natural and are more durable. In fact, though everyone’s situation differs and longevity largely depends on care and habits, Hybridge teeth are often much longer lasting than alternative treatments.


Who’s a Candidate?

Do you wear dentures? Do you have missing teeth? Do you suffer from periodontal disease?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re likely an ideal candidate for the Hybridge solution. As we’ve noted, the solution restores the functioning of natural teeth, even though the teeth are artificial. Another interesting thing to point out about the solution is that it’s a viable procedure even for those who are experiencing bone loss from periodontal disease, as the procedure is designed to utilize the existing jaw bone.

Furthermore, there really are no age limits for Hybridge restorations. In fact, current patients range from those in their early twenties to those in their nineties.

For more information about the Hybridge dental implant procedure and to learn whether or not you’re a good candidate, contact Caven Dental today.

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