Avoid These Foods if You Have a Crown

food to avoid with a crown

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Dental crowns are caps that can be used in a number of ways to restore, strengthen and protect your teeth. Most crowns can last an average of 15 years, while some patients’ crowns last 25 years. So how can you make sure your crowns last as long as possible? It’s fairly simple – crowns last a long time when you take care of them properly, which includes avoiding certain foods. 

The types of food to avoid depend on what type of crown you have. In the past, all patients were fitted with a temporary crown while their permanent crown was created in a lab. With improvements in dental technologyCEREC permanent crowns can be easily fitted and placed in one single visit, and recovery is usually quick and painless.

Here are the types of food you should avoid if you have a temporary or permanent crown:


Foods to Avoid With Temporary Dental Crowns

If you opt for a traditional crown, you’ll need to be careful with your temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to arrive from the lab. Temporary crowns aren’t meant to adhere to the tooth as firmly as permanent crowns, so it’s important to avoid anything sticky that can pull off the crown and anything crunchy that can break it. Avoid these foods with a temporary crown:

  • No chewy foods like gum, taffy or caramel
  • No hard foods like nuts, ice or hard candy
  • No foods with extreme temperatures like ice cream or hot tea
  • No foods that require a lot of chewing like steak or bread

Foods to Avoid With a Permanent Crown

Permanent crowns are meant to stay on your tooth for a long time, so the bonding is quite secure. Nonetheless, they can still come off and be damaged. Though they are much more secure than a temporary crown, it’s important to be mindful of what you eat. Try to avoid these foods with a permanent crown:

  • Limit overly chewy foods as much as possible
  • Avoid crunching on extremely hard foods like nuts and ice cubes
  • Stay away from popcorn because the kernels can damage your crown
  • Don’t eat super sticky food like chewy caramel that can adhere to the crown and pull it off

Overall, you don’t need to limit your diet too much with a permanent crown, but simply try to avoid things that aren’t good for your teeth with or without a crown. If it can damage the enamel of your teeth, it can damage your crown.


Have More Questions About Dental Crowns?

Proper oral hygiene like brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly will also go a long way in extending the life of your crown. contact our doctors, Dr. Richard CavenDr. Shelby Denman, and Dr. Stephen Carpenter, by calling our Caven Dental office in Jacksonville, FL, to schedule a consultation for your twice-yearly dental exam and cleaning!

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