Ways To Treat Potential Gum Disease In Jacksonville, FL!

Dental Patient With Gum Disease

When people think of oral health, they typically think of their teeth. There is a lot of other parts helping support your health in your mouth though. One of those parts is your gums. The gums are integral in maintaining the health of your teeth, jaw, and overall digestion. That’s the reason why it’s important […]

What’s Causing Your Gums to Look White?

image of a patients upper lip being lifted with a dental tool so the doctor can look at her white gums

Everyone loves a bright white smile, but what does it mean when the gums are white in Jacksonville, FL.? While people typically visit the dentist for their teeth, the health of the gums is just as important for good oral hygiene. If a person’s gums are looking white or puffy, it often means something is […]