Dental Vibe FAQ

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What is DentalVibe?

DentalVibe is an injection comfort system designed and patented by dentists to block patients from feeling pain through the use of vibration. The award-winning device provides an easy way to inject anesthesia or antibiotics and is a highly recommended alternative to standard injection procedures.


Why was DentalVibe created?

Dr. Steven Goldberg, DDS created DentalVibe to dispel the fear of patients visiting the dentist who have to have procedures which require local injections.

How does DentalVibe work?

DentalVibe uses VibraPulse to counter-stimulate the area in a synchronized, changing pattern which helps to block out pain. The vibrations reach the brain twice as fast as pain signals, alleviating the brain from experiencing its presence. The device provides a calm and soothing atmosphere for patients through stimulation of the sensory nerves of the injection site. The device has an automatic pressure sensor which will shut off if excessive force is applied while being used. It works quickly, dispensing injections within thirty to sixty seconds on any patient.

What are some of the features of DentalVibe?

  • The device creates a faster anesthetic experience.
  • It is a cordless device that charges through electromagnetic induction.
  • There is an enhanced LED illumination in the handle, providing a high level of visibility for the dentist at the injection site.
  • It is lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed with finger grips for easier navigation, comfort and control in the mouth.
  • It emits a soft buzzing sound to distract patients from the injection process.
  • It has comfort tips to provide a pleasant experience and reduce anxiety.
  • It is safe for children and adults.
  • It continues to work at full capacity until the rechargeable battery is completely dead.
  • It has a NIMH battery which allows consistent charging without damage and an indicator to alert the dentist when the device is ready to recharge.

What type of experience can patients expect?

DentalVibe creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere for patients of all ages. For children, finger puppets come with each injection administered to provide a fun distraction. The patients are able to keep the toy after the procedure. Adults are lulled into distraction by the soft, vibrating hum of the device. The entire process becomes comforting and pain-free.

Does my dentist have to go through extensive training to use DentalVibe?

Absolutely not. The learning curve for DentalVibe is simple. The device is designed for immediate use after charging for about 24 hours. The charging base of the device will work on any standard electrical outlet, enhancing portability and convenience. After a full charging cycle, the unit is ready to go. The dentist will install a comfort tip, and start their scheduled procedure. If there are any questions, there are instructional videos and continued support from the company to solidify a smooth transition into using the product.

What types of injections does the device administer?

DentalVibe is designed to administer any intraoral injections. The device is also able to perform injections for maxillary infiltrations, mandibular blocks, and palatal procedures.


Is the DentalVibe system safe?

DentalVibe is very safe and works just like an ordinary injection procedure without experiencing pain. This provides a comfort and ease, alleviating any fears that may be associated with having an injection by mouth.

For more information, additional benefits of using DentalVibe, or any concerns with the procedures, consult with Dr. Caven today.

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