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Home Remedies for Combating Wisdom Teeth Pain

Everybody has wisdom teeth, or the third set of molars, that reside in the far-back part of the mouth. Typically, wisdom teeth begin to emerge in one's late teen years or early twenties. Chances are if you're in this age bracket, your dentist has been keeping an eye on the development of your wisdom teeth for some time now through X-rays in a better effort to anticipate whether or not they'll have to be extracted or not, whether it be because they're impacted, coming in on an angle or there's a lack of space for growth in the mouth.

However, just as how a teething baby is in pain when their teeth come in, when wisdom teeth get to the point where they're ready to emerge through the gum line, it's not exactly the most pleasant feeling in the world. Impacted emerging wisdom teeth can also lead to bad breath, swelling of the gums, headaches, bad tastes in the mouth and even pain in other teeth.

wisdom tooth ache

Needless to say, if this wisdom teeth pain becomes too severe, you should contact your dentist immediately, as putting off treatment or extraction can lead to permanent tooth and jaw damage. In saying that, there are several things you can do at home to minimize this pain in the meantime:

Ice packs

What do you do when you sprang your ankle or wrist and it begins to swell? Ice it, of course! Ice packs work wonders for emerging wisdom teeth too in reducing swelling and minimizing pain.

Hot water & salt

Dubbed by many as the best home remedy to squash wisdom teeth pain, simply dissolve salt in a glass of hot water, then rinse your mouth out with it. This helps reduce swelling, as well as any infection-causing bacteria that may be present in the mouth.

OTC pills

Another great way to deal with the pain from emerging wisdom teeth is to take an over-the-counter medicine, like the popular pain reliever Motrin or Advil. You should feel fast relief.


Bizarre as it may seem, onion juice is actually effective in helping you cope with pain from wisdom teeth. Your local dentist may not know this, but just cut one in half and place it on the cheek of the tooth that's giving you problems. Every now and then, bite into it so that juice extracts. Not only will the juices reduce pain, but it will also kill bacteria.


Whiskey doesn't just help take the edge off, it can also reduce swelling and pain from emerging wisdom teeth. Just take a shot and hold it in your mouth for a minute or so. And if you're over 21 and want to take the edge off after the whiskey has done its trick, just swallow it instead of spitting it out.


Cloves have been used for centuries in treating wisdom teeth pain - and toothaches in general. Just take a clove and place it over the tooth in question. You may also squeeze the clove and massage the gums and tooth with the juices it produces. It's a proven pain reliever.

For more information on how to treat emerging wisdom teeth or to schedule an appointment to have your wisdom teeth checked out today if pain, swelling and irritation continues, contact Caven Dental.

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