How Will Adult Braces Affect Your Life?

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It’s common these days to see more and more adults with braces – and this may be due to a few reasons. For starters, orthodontic treatment has advanced to the point where it’s highly effective and more convenient than ever, at least compared to treatment options when present-day adults were younger.

Secondly, such treatments are now more affordable – especially under a good dental plan. For these reasons – as well as the No. 1 reason for receiving orthodontic treatment, which is to improve your teeth and smile – braces are getting to be as synonymous with adults these days as they are with children.

With that being said, how does wearing braces as an adult affect your life? Are there any main differences between getting braces as an adult versus getting them as a child?


How will adult braces affect your life?

There are no age limits in terms of getting braces, but it is worth noting that the older you get, the slower it takes orthodontic treatment to take effect. On that note, treatment is generally done in a more gradual manner than it is for children, who tend to heal and respond to such treatment more quickly. In fact, it’s estimated that the average adult will have to wear braces anywhere from 18 months to 3 years. For children, the average is about two years. Here are some other notable ways that adult braces will impact your life:

  • Potential dental work: In some cases, extra dental work may be necessary to get the most out of the braces. This extra work often includes tooth extraction and, in more dire cases, jaw expansionsurgery.
  • Tenderness: For adults, it’s common to experience tenderness in the mouth for about a week after the braces have been administered. Adults may also experience a sort of sensation as if their teeth feel loose. This is the result of the orthodontist having to move the filaments in between the teeth in order to get the braces to work effectively.
  • Limitations: Just as it’s advised with kids, it’s also best for adults to stay away from hard candies and chewy foods.
  • Subtle: Many people associate braces with unsightly metal mouths. Because orthodontic technology has advanced so much, that’s hardly the case any longer. Yes, an onlooker may be able to tell you have braces, but they’re hardly a defining feature. Those who are extra self-conscious about having a so-called “metal mouth” can always opt for Invisalign invisible braces or some other type of less obvious orthodontic treatment.

The bottom line is that adult braces are a safe, effective way to get that smile that may have always eluded you. What’s more is that other than a few minor lifestyle adjustments and some possible discomfort that can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, adult braces are also very convenient.


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