What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign?

Top View Of An Invisalign Retainer Tray On A Blue Surface

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Crooked teeth getting in your way? Or maybe they are deflating to look at? In any case, a wonderful near invisible solution is Invisalign®, an orthodontic teeth-straightening solution. There are many benefits to Invisalign over traditional bracket braces and other orthodontic teeth straightening solutions. 


Invisalign vs Traditional Bracket Braces

Bracket braces are the old way of orthodontic teeth straightening. They work by cementing brackets on your teeth and binding them together with a tight metal wire that pulls the teeth back into a better alignment over time.

No matter the kind of teeth straightening, it is a fairly intense process on the oral cavity as a whole. But, traditional bracket braces provide many barriers to maintaining one’s teeth such as making flossing and brushing more difficult. Another issue can be caused by the cement used to situate brackets. If not properly cleared off, it can cause issues with treating teeth in the future.

With Invisalign though, those issues are whisked away! The clear mold works to straighten your teeth in a similar and less invasive way than traditional bracket braces. Invisalign’s clear FDA-approved plastic resin polymer makes then nearly impossible to see whilst having no negative health effects from use (except for those with plastic allergies, of course). Every few months, a new tighter mold is made to keep pulling the teeth into place. Their time for straightening is nearly the same as brackets with sometimes taking a little less and sometimes taking a little more time to get the best results.

Invisalign and Food

Another big thing is Invisalign does not impact what foods you can eat. Whereas traditional bracket braces make eating popcorn, sticky foods, and hard or chewy foods more challenging to eat, Invisalign is removed when you eat making it no issue to eat any foods.

The one issue that is run into with Invisalign is when you consume anything that is not water, it should be removed to not cause any impact on your treatment. This also prevents the device from becoming clouded or discolored and decreases the impact of the device’s aesthetic appeal. This is a much smaller negative as compared to the limitations posed by traditional bracket braces though.


Will Invisalign Work For You?

Invisalign will work for almost everyone who is also a candidate for traditional bracket braces. But the differences are night and day. If you are looking for somewhere to talk about the differences between the two that are well known for their satisfied teeth-straightening clients, consider the Caven Dental Group of Jacksonville Florida. With expert orthodontic care, the Caven Dental Group has helped thousands of patients with their malaligned teeth concerns using both traditional bracket braces and Invisalign.

Whether you are considering traditional bracket braces or Invisalign, consider contacting our doctors, Dr. Richard CavenDr. Shelby Denman, and Dr. Stephen Carpenter, at (904) 645-3366 to schedule a consultation with our office by Jacksonville, FL today. We look forward to meeting you and working on creating your perfect smile!

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