Am I Going to Benefit From Getting A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In Jacksonville, FL?

a zirconia full arch bridge that can benefit a patients smile when they get a zirconia fixed bridge procedure. the zirconia bridge has dental implants in them so they can be stabilized in the patients mouth.

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When people have missing teeth that they want to replace with a biocompatible, durable, and permanent tooth replacement option, then they can benefit from getting a zirconia fixed bridge in Jacksonville, FL. Not only is this restorative procedure stain and odor resistant, there are many other benefits patients can look forward to experiencing with it, too. Continue reading to learn more about how patients can benefit form a zirconia fixed bridge procedure.


How Is A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In Jacksonville, FL, Able to Benefit Me?

First and foremost, zirconia fixed bridges are very beneficial to patients because they are supported by full mouth dental implants. After the four or more dental implant posts are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone, and they have securely fused with the patients surrounding jawbone, it becomes a permanent part of the patients smile.

This means that when the zirconia bridge is placed in the patient’s mouth, the dental implants will stabilize it for years to come. Fabricated from a solid block of zirconia, the zirconia bridge is incredibly strong, durable, and will not stain, chip, or break. Additional benefits that come with getting a zirconia fixed bridge include:

  • The zirconia bridge is naturally tooth-colored and will not discolor over time.
  • Allows patients to comfortably and confidently chew, bite, and even speak.
  • They are made of biocompatible and nonporous materials.
  • Improves the patients overall look and even their self-confidence.
  • is a superior alternative to traditional dentures

When patients go to a skilled doctor for their zirconia fixed bridges, they can even get their new smile custom made so it fits their mouth and smile goals perfectly. A custom zirconia fixed bridge procedure is planned and made with the latest techniques and advanced technologies so they can be accurately and precisely placed. With the help of sedation dentistry, patients can even have a painless and anxiety free zirconia fixed bridge procedure.

By getting treated with a zirconia fixed bridge, patients can look forward to resuming a normal diet, speaking in comfort without worrying that their teeth may fall out, and smiling with confidence. Zirconia fixed bridges don’t just improve the beauty and dental functionality of a patients smile, they can also improve their entire quality of life.


We Can Treat You With A Zirconia Fixed Bridge

Are you ready for a new smile with a zirconia fixed bridge? Our modern and patient focused office can make sure your new smile with a zirconia fixed bridge can last and benefit you for many years. Get in contact with Dr. Richard Caven and our exceptional team at our Caven Dental Group office to schedule an appointment today!

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