How Does the Isolite Assist With Your Dental Exam?

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Technology in the dental field is improving at a fast pace, thereby making it easier and faster for dentists and hygienists to treat patients, all while increasing patient comfort in the process. One tool that is used for dental exams – as well as other procedures – here at Caven Dental is the Isolite. Specifically, the Isolite is a tool that illuminates the oral cavity from within the mouth, while isolating certain areas of the mouth with a special mouthpiece so that further dentistry can be accomplished. This light is free of shadows and reduces eye strain from the dental professional performing the exam or procedure, and the mouthpiece facilitates suction and rinsing, making procedures easier for both the patient and dentist.


Isolite 101-

What it does: To recap, the Isolite works to illuminate the mouth and isolate certain areas of the mouth for more specific treatment options, while providing suction and rinsing capabilities. Essentially, the Isolite products allow patients to be treated up to 50 percent faster than if conventional dental methods were being used.

The benefits: The Isolite is a win-win for both dental professionals and patients. Here’s a closer look at how:

  • For patients: The Isolite light is harmless, and the Isolation Mouthpiece that works with it allows more specific dental issues to be treated in a comfortable and hypoallergenic fashion. The Isolite family of products can also help reduce the time patients spend in the chair, consequently lessening the neck and back pain that may come along with it.
  • For dentists: Aside from increasing visibility, the product is easy to use and is ergonomically-friendly, reducing worker fatigue. The faster treatments help facilitate happier patients.

Sizing: The Isolite Mouthpiece comes in five different sizes to comfortably fit inside any patient’s mouth, from children to senior citizens. Sizes include pediatric, small, medium, medium deep vestibule and large. The mouthpiece is designed to be patient-friendly, so the gum tissue or teeth aren’t disturbed or irritated during treatment.

What else is cool about the Isolite: One other thing to take into consideration is that the Isolite doesn’t just single out certain teeth – but it also isolates the tongue, so that won’t get in the way either.

Is it safe?: Yes, we wouldn’t use it in our practice if it wasn’t safe or if our patients didn’t like it. The mouthpiece isn’t made of latex, but of a hypoallergenic material that is comfortable and effective. What’s more is that the mouthpieces are single use and are discarded after treatment, thereby eliminating the risk of any cross contamination.


Here at Caven Dental, we’re committed to creating a positive dental experience. We get that going to the dentist isn’t exactly something that a lot of people look forward to, which is why we take extra measures to make sure our patients are more comfortable and their oral exams and procedures are more convenient. The Isolite is a big help in that regard.

For more information about the Isolite, and to schedule your appointment with Caven Dental, contact us today.

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