What is the Six Month Smile Program?

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Why Six Month Smiles Instead of Metal Braces?

Those of us with non-aligned front teeth that are visible when we smile face a conundrum with regular braces. While we would much rather have a beautiful smile, the idea of wearing metal braces for years as an orthodontist corrects our bite is even less appealing than the thought of living with the smile we already have.

The Six Month Smiles Program is a great alternative to metal braces.


How Exactly Does Six Month Smiles Work?


Unlike metal braces with silver brackets and wires, Six Month Smiles uses teeth colored fasteners and wires. In other words, they are barely visible. That means that adults do not have to endure the stigma of being the grown-up version of ”brace face”.

While that is an appealing prospect to those of us with misaligned smiles — even though Six Month Smiles is a method that uses teeth colored braces — wearing them for several years does not sound appealing, even if they are virtually invisible.

Time Frame

Most people are concerned not only about their appearance, but the lengthy process generally required to complete the process of fixing their teeth with ordinary braces.

That’s what makes Six Month Smiles so appealing is the — you guessed it — the short period of time a patient needs to wear them.

The Process

Still, even though the Six Month Smiles Program doesn’t require years and years of patience that leads people to wonder if Six Month Smiles is an intense, tighten-the-wires-quickly process.

It is not. It is a slow and methodical process where the wires are tightened at regular intervals just like ordinary braces… but it only takes around six months!


The Six Month Smiles Program Difference

The fact that the program only requires around six months always leads to the question, then why can’t they do the same with ordinary braces?

The reason is, Six Month Smiles and ordinary braces are means of achieving two different goals. Ordinary braces are meant to fix someone’s bite. Yes, ordinary braces also straighten teeth, but that’s not the primary objective traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles is designed to straighten only the teeth that are visible when a person smiles. In other words, Six Month Smiles repairs smiles, and not a person’s bite.


Just for Simple Cosmetic Changes?

When people come to understand that the Six Month Smiles Program can repair a smile without a mouthful of ugly metal and it can do so quickly and they understand how a smile can be repaired so quickly, they inevitably think, OK, but my teeth are extremely crooked and I have big spaces all over. Surely this procedure can’t help me.

Yes, it can.

That’s what is so great about the Six Month Smiles Program. It is designed for almost everyone. It works no matter how misaligned your teeth are. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your smile is just too misaligned, that your teeth are too crooked or that the spaces between your teeth are gaps that are just too wide to eliminate.

Come in and visit Dr. Richard Caven. Show him your smile and ask him what can be done to improve it. The odds are very high that if you just want to improve your smile, the Six Month Smiles Program and you are a perfect fit!

Let Dr. Caven help you decide what is best so you can move forward and make your smile what you’ve always known it’s capable of being!

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