Will My Dental Veneers Match My Teeth Exactly?

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When considering cosmetic enhancements, there are many different ways to improve your appearance. One of the most popular options among celebrities that has become a standard fixture within the dental community is the veneer. Your teeth make a huge impact and is one of the first things people see and one of the things people remember about you the longest. Nothing is as striking as a beautiful smile, and getting dental veneers is one of the quickest ways to achieve that goal. It’s best to know all about veneers prior to making your decision, so here are a few details you should know:


What exactly are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are cosmetic enhancements for the teeth to improve your appearance. They are made of tooth-colored material and bond to your teeth. The most popular option is porcelain, which is most like your teeth, but there are also less expensive options made from other materials. These do not work as well, and may stain in the future. This process is pain-free and requires no anesthesia.

Why dental veneers?

Dental veneers are used for a variety of reasons. As a cosmetic procedure, people get them to close gaps in teeth, improve the length of short teeth, correct discolored, chipped or crooked teeth and more. Individuals with crooked teeth also choose veneers over braces. The process is quicker and does not require wearing any form of corrective methods, but should take extra consideration, as braces are the best way to correct crooked and misaligned teeth.

What is the process?

Dental veneers are made in the lab. Your dentist will take a mold or impression of your teeth, you will both select your color and shade and your information will be sent to the lab for creation. Your dentist will then prepare your teeth for the procedure by removing a layer of your enamel. In a couple of weeks, the dentist will take another impression to make sure your veneers are exactly right prior to the bonding procedure.

How much does it cost?

The cost of veneers will vary based on how much work is needed and your desired outcome. Your dentist will be able to advise you on costs of the procedure once your dental evaluation is done.

Will they match my teeth exactly?

Dental veneers can be made to look just like your teeth in size, color and shape. One important thing to remember – they must be cared for like they are your teeth and maintaining a good oral health regimen is key. Regular visits to the dentist for checkups is mandatory.


How long do they last?

The American Dental Association estimates that porcelain dental veneers can last 12-15 years, if cared for properly. Veneers made from other composite materials are not as durable and will not last as long. The duration of your veneers is a case-by-case basis based on the individual.

Dental veneers are the best way to achieve customized, flawless teeth while correcting any imperfections with your teeth at the same time. This cosmetic procedure is a viable, corrective method for enhancing your appearance that can shave years off your age, giving you a youthful and vibrant look. Our practice specializes in giving you the best alternatives in dental veneers. We feature licensed, cosmetic dentists in a relaxed atmosphere to give you the best experience possible. You’ll walk away with the smile of your dreams at Caven Dental. Call for a consultation today!

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